South Coast Carnival 2019

27th Sep  Indigenous Games, for those who prefer to stay at home wizard slots will be available. All Day St Michaels Beach
27th Sep Bicycles for sale and much more All Day St Michaels Beach
This is stick fighting game where two sticks are used, a longer one for attacking and a short one for defending. Age eligibility starts from 5 upwards.
27th Sep Diketo All Day St Michaels Beach
Diketo is a game that tests one’s hand to eye coordination. The game is played with 10 small stones or marbles placed in a round shallow (5cm deep) hole and one hand held ghoen or bigger stone. The game can be played by both girls and boys of any age. Only two players can compete at a time.
27th Sep Dibeke All Day St Michaels Beach
This is a kick and run ball game pitting two teams of twelve players each against each other. Each team must have an equal representation of male and female players. The team captains have the responsibility of liaising with the match officials. Also required is a scorekeeper from each team to count team and individual player runs during the game. The teams take turns to attack and defend. A player from the defending team is deployed in a central role as a roller of the ball and players from the attacking team take turns as kickers as and when they are called out by the roller to do so.
27th Sep Morabaraba All Day St Michaels Beach
This is a board game played with 12 tokens (also known as “cows”) each per player (2 players’ maximum per game). To distinguish between the opposing players, their tokens must be of different shape or of different colour if the shape is the same. Three squares/rectangles are drawn on the board such that there is an outer square containing the middle square which in turn contains the third and smallest square. The squares are then further subdivided into 24 equidistant junctions with straight lines.
27th Sep Jukskei All Day St Michaels Beach
This is a target game played by two teams of 4 each with 1 leader each. The players use skeets made of rubber, wood or other composite synthetic materials of between 300mm and 460mm in length, weighing no more than 1.8kg for seniors and 1.1kg for juniors. The aim of the game is to score points by using the skeets to hit targets placed on the field. All Day St Michaels Beach
27th Sep Ncuva All Day St Michaels Beach
A board game played by teams of one to 6 players a side per game. Four rows of four circles/holes each are drawn, dug on flat ground or sculpted onto the board (total of 16 holes. A line is used to divide the board into two rows of 8 holes each. To play, each play uses 32 “cows” (tokens) made of marula fruit kernels or small stones. The stones are placed in sets of 4 in the holes for the game to start.
27th Sep Kgati All Day St Michaels Beach
This is a skipping rope game wherein several girls can skip the rope simultaneously or one at a time. The skipping rope should not be longer than 5m. Two players swing the rope while the other players take turns to skip accordingly.
27th Sep Kho Kho All Day St Michaels Beach
Two teams of 9 players each compete in this running game. The two teams take turns to be runners or chasers in the game. When the game starts, a player from the running team is nominated as the runner and one from the chasing team is selected to chase.
27th Sep Drie Stokkies All Day St Michaels Beach
This is running and jumping game pitting two teams of 5 players a side against each other. The game setting comprises 3 placed on the ground approximately 1m apart. Competing players line up to run and jump over the sticks, stepping only once between the sticks.
27th – 29th Sep Gin & Craft Beer Fest & SAINTS CRAFT BEER LAUNCH All Day C Bali Restaurant
Festival visitors will be able to experience a wide range of gin &  craft breweries on offer including
Darling Brew Slow Beer
Jack Blacks Brewing Company
Devils Peak Beer Company
Cape Brewing CBC
Flowstone Wild Africa Botanicals
Six Dogs Distillery
THAT Brewing Co.
Musgrave Crafted Gin
Six Dogs Distillery
Durban Gin
Blind Tiger Small Batch Gin
Cape Fynbos Gin
New Harbour Distillery
Bloedlemoen Handcrafted Gin
Clemengold Gin
Wilderer Distillery
Ashton Dry 11 years old Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Patient  0800121082
27th – 29th Sep Craft & Food Market St Michaels Grass Verge
Fresh Produce, Home baked goods, Jams & Preserves, Arts, Crafts & all things homemade
27th – 29th Sep Inflatable Beach Bounce Town St Micahaels Beach
The Inflatable Rocket, Giant Inflatable Slide & Inflatable Hamster Bal
27th – 29th Sep It’s Party Time Kidz Play Zone
Inflatable soccer field, Inflatable Battleship, Adventure Island, Merry Go Round, Kids Play Zone
27th – 29th Sep Beach Sports Zone St Micahaels Beach
Daily Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer & Beach Cricket Play Zone
27th – 29th Sep SLIME FEST… The Ultimate Holiday Program Kidz Play Zone
SLIMEFEST. 3 Amazing Days of Exciting Slime activities and Challenges to keep your Slime Stars entertained these Holidays!!Our Giant Slimes and Bubble making antics will have your Slime Stars clicking, poking, stretching and squishing Slime for that Oh So Satisfying feeling all our Slime stars love. . Suitable for Kids 3 years and Older for other Sessions. Your child will leave with a handful of different kinds of slime, from fluffy to sparkly and everything in-between!Your child will leave with a handful of different kinds of slime, from fluffy to sparkly and everything in-between! Time to Get Your Slime On!!  More Sessions Available directly contact or What’s App 0734936153.
27th Sep Bo-Yoga Beach Class 8h30 Vodacom Grass Park
Head on down to St Michaels Beach  with  your beach towels and come along & find your Zen with the Bo-Yoga Studio.  Let your inner boho glow by practicing various forms of yoga flow! For more info contact Cassi 0723408168
28th Sep Park Run 8h00 Departs St Michaels
Join the free weekly Park Run enthusiasts on the 28th September at 8am and enjoy a 5km run – it’s you against the clock… We all run for our own enjoyment. Please come along and join in whatever your pace! Please register before your first run. Only ever register with park run once. Don’t forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode (request a reminder). If you forget it, you won’t get a time
28th Sep Bike Fest – Talent Search Vodacom Stage
28th Sep Four5Seconds 12h00 Vodacom Stage
28th Sep Musheer – Hip Hop 14h30 Vodacom Stage
28th Sep 039 – Quom 15h00 Vodacom Stage
28th Sep Danceline Studio 9h00 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Margate Superbodies Gym Tae Bo 11h15 Vodacom Grass Park
Join in the Tae Bo total body fitness system workout on 29th September at 11h15 at the VODACOM GRASS PARK STAGE that incorporates martial arts techniques such as kicks and punches, which became quite popular in the 1990s.  Come & join in the fun with Margate Superbodies Gym instructor Brilliant who’s class is sure to get your adrenaline pumping through the  use of motions of martial arts at a rapid pace designed to promote fitness.
29th Sep Carnival Parade
South Coast Carnival Parade Line Up 8h00 Uvongo Town Hall
South Coast Carnival Parade Departs for St Michaels Beach 10h00 Uvongo Town Hall
Parade Route:
Leave Uvongo town hall (parade line up)
Cross marine drive into Uvongo Beach Rd
Turn Left onto Collin St
Turn Right onto Orange Rocks Rd
Turn Right onto Bay Road
29th Sep South Coast Carnival Arrives 10h10 onwards St Michaels Beach
29th Sep South Coast Carnival Motorshow 11h15 St Michaels Beach Park
Catch The South Coast Carnival Motorshow Sound Off  Show n Shine  For more info contact 0823009922
29th Sep Elvis Impersonator 10h20 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Her Worship The Mayor Councilor Cynthia Mqwebu 11h00 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Official Saints Lager Launch 11h10 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Margate Superbodies Tae Bo Class 11h15 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Mtwalume Marching Brass Band 11h30 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Chewing The Hornet 12h00 Vodacom Stage
29th Sep Ama Celeb Zulu Dancers 13h00 Vodacom Stage

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